Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw (Lady Anita Bradshaw), is the founder of powerhouse Global. An organisation set up to educate, inspire, empower and transform the lives of  men and women across the GLOBE. She is an accredited personal performance coach from the COACHING ACADEMY UK. A trainer, mentor and a sort after GLOBAL SPEAKER.


A published author of over 6 personal development books (All on Amazon & website). She is an authority in capacity building and leadership development.     A multi Award-Winning Impact Leader and Powerhouse Global Speaker. 


As an appreciation of her work as an Agent of Change, in 2013 she was gifted a title (The most honoured, Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw, Lady of Glencoe, Scotland. She is a wife and a mother.


Lady Anita is also the President of "POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION". PGWF is a charity based in Nigeria, West Africa. In 2016, she fed over 400 children as part of her annual "PROJECT FEED 1000 CHILDREN GLOBALLY". She has continued to touch lives especially that of women and children in Africa and across the GLOBE.


Lady Anita is a great voice for the GLOBAL WOMEN (those hurting and those living in fulfilment). Her passion to enhance and transform lives stem from her own personal journey as a child, who started her leadership journey at the tender age of 7. At that age she left her village to live with a relative in the city. She was assigned the job of looking after her niece who was only 2 months old at that time, as well as help out with house chores. Lady Anita served her relative for 11 years, making it a journey which transited her from a child to an adult without really enjoying childhood. 


Going through the struggles of childhood had added a wealth of experience and knowledge to Lady Anita, and she has now become "A GLOBAL VOICE" for WOMEN and CHILDREN.

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